Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My take on Men in Singapore…

For the last 5.5 months since I have a visible pregnant stomach, I can count the number of times men offering their seat in 1 hand. Most of the time, it’s the women who are more considerate.

1st time – An Indian man (I bet from India, not local).
2nd time – Another Indian man (but he’s being kicked by his girlfriend to get up… but at least he did :)
3rd time – Chinese man, offered me upon waking up from his sleep. The rest (including the women in the proximity) just ignored me.
4th time – Malay teenage boy, he sweetly smiled at me and stood up (ah… I was thinking to myself that there’s still some hope for the future…)

Worst experience – This guy & I were boarding the train at the same time, he simply ignored me and take the only empty seat. Then went on to take out his documents and studied it. It’s the girl beside him who let me have her seat. Argh…I’m sorry to say I just couldn’t stand this guy, he was studying his engineering notes printed with lots of complex stuff…who cares if you’re highly educated but have little or no moral etiquette at all!!

So I’m wondering, is it because of ignorance? Or simply being self-centered? For those married men, don’t they have pregnant wife? I know we did have moral classes at school, so do we just study it without practicing it?

Sigh…I can say I’m disappointed in men in this issue. I’m sure I’ll be educating my boy to be considerate and courteous in the future.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things to do before baby’s arrival

1. Lindy as much before I’m too heavy. But that’s good for having a solid centre eh? ;-) [I think the days are limited now]
2. Prepare baby stuff
3. Spend as much time with hubby as a couple (err... well, most of the time we're discussing and preparing baby stuff :P Actually it's kinda fun!)
4. Meet friends up.
5. Doing Prenatal yoga is kinda cool.
6. Read a little, blog a little.
7. Prepare baby stuff.
8. Celebrating my birthday with friends & hubby
9. Have a weekend holiday.
10. Attend Antenatal Classes.

11. Relax & sleep while I can...
12. Erm, have I mentioned preparing baby stuff?!? :P

Random Thoughts

(Written this a couple of weeks ago... just posting it up now... hmm... speaking of procrastinating :P)

1. I think it’s really such a waste of money and energy to build a nice pedestrian walkway over a construction area and just to have the walkway demolished after the IMF.

2. Do not park your car at the parking lot in front of Somerset MRT station in the evenings, you’ll find it beautifully decorated with tons of bird shit after.

3. After that shitty event, I had my first drive-through car wash (hand wash) session at the petrol station in Singapore. I pity those workers though, they’re all pretty soaked and skinny. I bet the work burns lots of energy.

4. Feeling your baby’s motions in the womb is really amazing and awesome. I say the little rascal is having kickboxing classes in there everyday. It’s really not too early to learn self-defense. ;-)

5. Would you watch a movie alone once in a while? I found the experiences to be refreshing and you get to have some me-time. (as long as the movie is not dull as hell)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Financial Woes

Been wanting to write but I was kinda lost in space. Guess I wanna look good on my blog too… But what the heck?! So here goes :P

Have you ever worry about money? I bet everybody does at some points in life… I am a bit concerned about my financial status now. Not that I’m in deep financial shit, but now that I’m expecting, my priorities in life have changed. Been doing some calculating and financial planning (not all done yet tho) and realized it can really take a heavy toll in the pocket to safeguard baby’s future, providing the best for baby and at the same time still have a comfortable life.

Sometimes I really do envy those who are well-off and wonder if I’ll ever make that 5 figures every month end. But really I think one can make the best of what one’s has and be contend and happy. I also believe money can’t buy happiness, not in my world at least.

I’ll leave you with a “Rothism” from Van Halen (which my friend E quoted to me the other day :)
"Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it."

What do you think?

Bee is counting and preserving her honey…

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sigh... another cat I love is missing...

She's the stray cat that always linger at the next block's coffee shop
Well taken care of by the coffee shop people
But was left alone after the shop closed down last month...

Heard she hasn't been eating for 2 weeks before she went missing
If she's in kitty heaven, I hope she's happy.

Will miss her much.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

People Watching

Got inspiration to blog today from my observations...

1. Was lunching in a foodcourt today. There's a section which is obviously rented by a stall. 3 people just took the food they bought from other stalls and walked right in and made themselves comfortable. Well I say they're either ignorant or oblivious to their surrondings as there were obviously no other customer at the other tables in that section. :P
The manager just looked at them without having the guts to confront them. Or may be he's just too kind.

2. Saw an old couple while I was walking home. The old man with some walking difficulties was pushing his wife in a wheelchair. What this scene translated to me was LOVE. I was touched and sympathised them at the same time. Almost got teary eyed.
I've always liked to see old couple holding hands, it'll bring a smile on my face. Wonder if I'd be so loving with my husband when we're that old.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some updates

Hmm... nothing much to blog.

1. Tired most of the time, weekends were spent zzz-ing.
2. It's good to excercise when you're tired. It's actually energizing! Dance, dance!
3. I missed live jazz music! Wish they're going to ban smoking in lounges & bars soon.
4. My house's messy. I'll see when I'll stop procrastinating. Ha!
5. It's the Great Singapore Sale season again, and you know what, I just can't be bothered this time. Hmmm... weird.
6. Spending more time in front of the tube than the computer these days. Just watched the Gospel of Judas on National Geographic. A couch potato I've become.

Bee needs a holiday soon, the travel bug in her is waking up...

Friday, May 12, 2006

So how has my life been since April 16th?

1. I've quit from the Swing Express performance group and I was really touched and honoured that SL dedicated their performance at Swing Fling to me last night. It's cute to see my ex-dance partner danced with his new "follow" Mr. SA. Heh Heh.

2. These couple of weeks at work has not been as busy, so it's good. I get to go home by 730pm at most. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to stay this way as long as possible. I need rest.

3. The movie Paradise Now is good, giving me a new perspective of the suicide bombers' world. Some say they're evil but this movie has shown they're as human as the rest of the human kind. I'm not saying they're not guilty... sometimes it's the world that we live in, situations that can make people do the unthinkable cruel things.
The bottom line is, I say we're responsible for our own emotions, actions and choices that we've made.
The silent ending was thundering!

4. Had lunch with a friend at Uberburger yesterday. The restaurant has mixed reviews but I agreed that it's not so uber after all. The chicken sandwich that I had contained too much spice and I don't quite like the salad that came with it. My friend had the beef sirloin burger which he said was a bit too tough. I don't think I'll go back there again.
By the way, go see the menu, they even have the $101 burger!! Too expensive for my taste, I don't like foie gras anyway.

Yay, today's the Vesak day public holiday! Time to slack...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Article on Asia's most overworked people

Read this news article yesterday, it said 72% of employees in Singapore work 50 hours a week...

Sounded tame to me, I've slaved 20 hours more than those peeps this week.
My neck has grown long waiting for the official salary review that my manager has told me about 1 month ago.

There are not many strands left in my hand.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What "Slavery" has maketh of Bee...

A little schizophrenic she has become.
There are evilbee, nicebee, crazybee, seriousbee, sillybee, scarybee, sickbee, angrybee, sadbee...
The one who's lost in space is the happybee.

Schizobee would like to thank C who's given her a listening ear to her nonsense online.
She also appreciate A's virtual hugs all the way from Michigan.
And her lovely H for being there for her.

Those are the things that kept her going.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Yay! Was free from work & performance practice this weekend :)

Things I do to avoid thinking about work and the coming monday:

Watched 2 movies on Fri & Sat:
- Les Poupées russes (Russian Dolls) is pretty entertaining. I think Cécile De France is darn hot & sexy in the movie.
- Eight Below is heartwarming, love the huskies and well...the main character Jerry is cute :P

Bad experiences while watching the 2nd movie at a cinema in JB, was greeted by a stench just after stepping into the cinema. Was wondering what the smell was but I couldn't believe I was that lucky to sit beside that stinking guy with unbearable body odour!! So I leaned away from him to the left throughout the whole 2 hours.

And guess what?! I found my left upper arm filled with bug bites after the show! Now it's all red and swollen. Have taken some photos of it but I don't think I wanna gross you guys out. Heh.
Blech! I wonder if I'll go back to that cinema ever again. :

Sunday was relaxing. All I did in the afternoon was surf, surf and more surfing.
Oh, people please try the new Google service: Google Romance . You'll find your souldmate there ;)
Read the press release.

Had some fun cooking dinner (err... it's been 1.5 years since I last cook, been too busy :P), cooked Cincaluk chicken again, H & I both thought the first time was tastier. Hmmm... I guess I didn't put enough chilli this time.

Okay, bedtime for Bee. She wishes the week to come will be a breeze.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Up, Down, Left, Right
Top, Bottom, Front, Back
Work is all around...

Calm, Havoc, Excited, Agitated
Good, Bad, Perky, Fatigue
Work is the devil...

Complaining is my special dish
Suffering is served everyday
Ketchup or chilli sauce?

White sandy beaches are out of reach
But bitches are in-sight
Close the door
It's gloomy and dark!

It's at the end of the tunnel
Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint
Monsters, please stay clear!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Busy Haiku

Beesy is the word!
Overworked and Underpaid...
Sugar Daddy, Help!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Was reading a documentation for Flickr's uploading tools and found this talking to me. ;)