Tuesday, June 27, 2006

People Watching

Got inspiration to blog today from my observations...

1. Was lunching in a foodcourt today. There's a section which is obviously rented by a stall. 3 people just took the food they bought from other stalls and walked right in and made themselves comfortable. Well I say they're either ignorant or oblivious to their surrondings as there were obviously no other customer at the other tables in that section. :P
The manager just looked at them without having the guts to confront them. Or may be he's just too kind.

2. Saw an old couple while I was walking home. The old man with some walking difficulties was pushing his wife in a wheelchair. What this scene translated to me was LOVE. I was touched and sympathised them at the same time. Almost got teary eyed.
I've always liked to see old couple holding hands, it'll bring a smile on my face. Wonder if I'd be so loving with my husband when we're that old.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some updates

Hmm... nothing much to blog.

1. Tired most of the time, weekends were spent zzz-ing.
2. It's good to excercise when you're tired. It's actually energizing! Dance, dance!
3. I missed live jazz music! Wish they're going to ban smoking in lounges & bars soon.
4. My house's messy. I'll see when I'll stop procrastinating. Ha!
5. It's the Great Singapore Sale season again, and you know what, I just can't be bothered this time. Hmmm... weird.
6. Spending more time in front of the tube than the computer these days. Just watched the Gospel of Judas on National Geographic. A couch potato I've become.

Bee needs a holiday soon, the travel bug in her is waking up...