Monday, September 15, 2008

11 years of Webscapades

Found the information from my archive and my memory, so might have mixed the years up.

1997 : Yahoo Mail, Hotmail
1998 : Yahoo Messenger
2001 : ICQ
2001/2 : Trillian
2002 Nov : Photos are still there and still got visits, even though not many.

It's all about the swing forums!
~ Chatterbugs - it's under maintenance, or dead. But well, we're all communicating through Facebook nowadays.

~ Found Adam on smilezone and he's been a friend since. *wave*
~ Kazaa

Feb : Orkut - checking once in a blue moon
June : Plaxo - used mainly for my address book, sometimes Pulse

Sep :
~ Multiply - I think I only logged in twice, once when I was creating an account and today.
~ Grouper (now it's

Oct :
~ Couldn't believe I had played this RPG game at, because I don't think I'm a true geek. I thought my friends were talking about "Dinner & Dance" when they told me about DnD. Duh! Anyway, I think this account of mine has been deactivated. Got the bad password message.
~ Started this blog of mine, to write, share myself and vent.
~ Hello for photo sharing, it's been shut down.
~ Flickr: I still love it to this day :)

~ Pretended to be someone else for a few months in 2nd life and There. I wonder if I'm still alive in those two places.
~ Joined 2 more networking sites at Tribe and Ryze where I rarely visit.

Feb : started using Bloglines for my readings.
April : LinkedIn
June : Feedburner
Sep : Yahoo Music Unlimited (now Rhapsody) which I used for 2 years and decided it's not worth my $ anymore.
Oct - Writely, now it's Google Docs

This is the year I wasn't that adventurous online as I was busy with life - my wedding, big project at work and preparing for my first born. It's only in October that I signed up at ebay and paypal. Hmmm, I guess I needed to buy stuff for the baby then.

~ Facebook! Whee! It's great that I found many of my long lost RL friends here. And I don't mind the new outlook it's gotten lately.
~ Google Reader : swapped Bloglines with this.

April : Picasa, I like the photo editing tools, it's so much simpler than Photoshop :P
June : Google Notebook and Soundpedia.
Oct : meebo

~ Globalpandora too bad it's STILL slowly coming back to us the outside of the US peeps.
~ Amazon - used it to buy some cool jazz CDs

~ FriendFeed!!! On my, I've been addicted for 5 months now?! :P
~ - only listen to its radios

~ Seeqpod - it's pretty fast here and I get to listen to the whole song. Good!
~ Google sites
~ Youtube - still haven't come around to upload any of my clips. Boo me!

June : Twitter is for me to blather random stuff to friendfeed

July : Plurk - don't quite like it.

~ NoiseRiver for friendfeed
~ Rejaw

~ Geni - built my family tree. It's cool!

~ Bee thinks it'll be cool to look back at this list in a year or two.