Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things to do before baby’s arrival

1. Lindy as much before I’m too heavy. But that’s good for having a solid centre eh? ;-) [I think the days are limited now]
2. Prepare baby stuff
3. Spend as much time with hubby as a couple (err... well, most of the time we're discussing and preparing baby stuff :P Actually it's kinda fun!)
4. Meet friends up.
5. Doing Prenatal yoga is kinda cool.
6. Read a little, blog a little.
7. Prepare baby stuff.
8. Celebrating my birthday with friends & hubby
9. Have a weekend holiday.
10. Attend Antenatal Classes.

11. Relax & sleep while I can...
12. Erm, have I mentioned preparing baby stuff?!? :P

Random Thoughts

(Written this a couple of weeks ago... just posting it up now... hmm... speaking of procrastinating :P)

1. I think it’s really such a waste of money and energy to build a nice pedestrian walkway over a construction area and just to have the walkway demolished after the IMF.

2. Do not park your car at the parking lot in front of Somerset MRT station in the evenings, you’ll find it beautifully decorated with tons of bird shit after.

3. After that shitty event, I had my first drive-through car wash (hand wash) session at the petrol station in Singapore. I pity those workers though, they’re all pretty soaked and skinny. I bet the work burns lots of energy.

4. Feeling your baby’s motions in the womb is really amazing and awesome. I say the little rascal is having kickboxing classes in there everyday. It’s really not too early to learn self-defense. ;-)

5. Would you watch a movie alone once in a while? I found the experiences to be refreshing and you get to have some me-time. (as long as the movie is not dull as hell)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Financial Woes

Been wanting to write but I was kinda lost in space. Guess I wanna look good on my blog too… But what the heck?! So here goes :P

Have you ever worry about money? I bet everybody does at some points in life… I am a bit concerned about my financial status now. Not that I’m in deep financial shit, but now that I’m expecting, my priorities in life have changed. Been doing some calculating and financial planning (not all done yet tho) and realized it can really take a heavy toll in the pocket to safeguard baby’s future, providing the best for baby and at the same time still have a comfortable life.

Sometimes I really do envy those who are well-off and wonder if I’ll ever make that 5 figures every month end. But really I think one can make the best of what one’s has and be contend and happy. I also believe money can’t buy happiness, not in my world at least.

I’ll leave you with a “Rothism” from Van Halen (which my friend E quoted to me the other day :)
"Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it."

What do you think?

Bee is counting and preserving her honey…