Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day Off

On the 9th July, H & I took leave and went on a date, yes without the baby and the first one after baby arrives.

Started our day right after the babysitter picked him up in the morning.
First stop was to the Cineplex to watch Transformers. The front part was more enjoyable, the fighting scenes at the end were a tad too fast for the eyes. A couple of my friends gave the thumbs up but I think it’s just an OK movie…

Next, a much needed massage session for two. Massage is pretty expensive in Singapore, how I wish I could be in Thailand right now, I think I can get 6 solid hours for the amount of $ I paid for 1 hour. Anyway, the hour went by so quickly... but hey was I ready for some actions (read: shopping) after being rejuvenated! :P

or the shopping experience, I’m proud to say that I bought a blouse and a pair of pants in 30 minutes (actually it’s the time left before our next itinerary). Whereas I normally would be window-shopping for many hours and still got nothing at the end.

Last stop, indulged ourselves silly having high-tea buffet at Carousel of Royal Plaza Hotel. The food’s pretty yummy and we had fun eating and catching up with each other.

At the end of the day, we’re recharged for our lovely baby.

What a fun day!

Kuih Pai Tee

~ Bee is stuffed!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mind your spelling!

Man... such a big mistake NOT to use spell check for your advertisement!

The "r" was added by somebody who has noticed the mistake.
Would you notice it if it isn't for the correction?