Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Shared Items

Spam said I'm on a roll after such a long hiatus. Heh.
These shared items are some stuff I find interesting online. There's also a feed that you can subscribe to.

I'll share out new things from time to time. So check back when you have time. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Five things you (probably) didn't know about me

Thanks to Adam for tagging me in this blog memes (like 3 months back, just a day after my delivery :P)

1. I've never seen nor experience falling snow before.
Reasons being that I grew up in tropical country and I visited those countries with 4 seasons in the summer.
So I never knew how it felt like in freezing cold weather, but I don't think I'll enjoy that anyway. Was shivering when it's 12 degree celcius in Aberdeen (Scotland) during summertime. To my surprise, those locals were running about in singlets & shorts. Whoa!
Someday, I'll plan a holiday in the winter.

2. I played the piano.
Haven't been touching it for years though, my fingers are not as nimble anymore. And I bet I've forgotten most of the music theories. Well, my dad advised (actually as a complain :P) me not to give your children piano lessons since it's such a waste of money.
BUt I think it's not a waste as I know how to appreciate music (eventhough now I enjoy jazz more than classical music)

3. I'm supposed to be a boy, my mom wanted one. But... ta dah! :D

4. My nickname during primary school was xiao(3) ma(2) yi(3) (i.e. lil ant)
I've almost always the shortest & smallest in class for the 6 years.
And when I was with my little sister, I hated it when people asked "Who's the elder one?" because she's taller than me... :P

5. I have a driver's license but I haven't driven a car for at least 14 years.
Please remind me to renew my car license in 2009. Thank you.

Okay, now I too have to tag 5 others, they are:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Being A Mom

What is it like being a mother now? That’s the question I get nowadays since my baby arrived last Dec 15th.

Hmm… it’s really indescribable. I know my priorities in life changed, my baby & family comes first… work, hobby etc is taking the backseat. These sacrifices are worth it. And I appreciate my parents more as I know what it’s like being one.

All in all, I feel complete, joy and for the very first time I learn about unconditional love. There’s really nothing that’ll stop me in providing for him, love, care, anything & everything. Even to the length of sacrificing my life.

Goodbye Bloglines, Hello Google Reader

I've changed to use Google Reader to read blog feeds since yesterday. Well, I can say I like the features and it's user friendly.

Some features I like where Bloglines is lacking:
1. It'll mark items as "Read" when you scroll the page down (using the Expanded View). So if you have 10 unread items, and you've scrolled and read through 6, the 4 will remain as unread. Whereas bloglines will mark all as read once you click on the particular feed.

2. I like the labels & stars to organize my reading list.

3. You can also share items with friends. (I still need to check this one out though :)

There are lots of other nice functions, and I'm sure I'll discover more later. People, start exporting your subscriptions and import into Google Reader. It's as easy as 1,2,3! ;)

p/s: If you've done so, you can also click on the "Add to Google" button on my blog to subscribe to my feed. :D