Friday, May 12, 2006

So how has my life been since April 16th?

1. I've quit from the Swing Express performance group and I was really touched and honoured that SL dedicated their performance at Swing Fling to me last night. It's cute to see my ex-dance partner danced with his new "follow" Mr. SA. Heh Heh.

2. These couple of weeks at work has not been as busy, so it's good. I get to go home by 730pm at most. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to stay this way as long as possible. I need rest.

3. The movie Paradise Now is good, giving me a new perspective of the suicide bombers' world. Some say they're evil but this movie has shown they're as human as the rest of the human kind. I'm not saying they're not guilty... sometimes it's the world that we live in, situations that can make people do the unthinkable cruel things.
The bottom line is, I say we're responsible for our own emotions, actions and choices that we've made.
The silent ending was thundering!

4. Had lunch with a friend at Uberburger yesterday. The restaurant has mixed reviews but I agreed that it's not so uber after all. The chicken sandwich that I had contained too much spice and I don't quite like the salad that came with it. My friend had the beef sirloin burger which he said was a bit too tough. I don't think I'll go back there again.
By the way, go see the menu, they even have the $101 burger!! Too expensive for my taste, I don't like foie gras anyway.

Yay, today's the Vesak day public holiday! Time to slack...