Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My take on Men in Singapore…

For the last 5.5 months since I have a visible pregnant stomach, I can count the number of times men offering their seat in 1 hand. Most of the time, it’s the women who are more considerate.

1st time – An Indian man (I bet from India, not local).
2nd time – Another Indian man (but he’s being kicked by his girlfriend to get up… but at least he did :)
3rd time – Chinese man, offered me upon waking up from his sleep. The rest (including the women in the proximity) just ignored me.
4th time – Malay teenage boy, he sweetly smiled at me and stood up (ah… I was thinking to myself that there’s still some hope for the future…)

Worst experience – This guy & I were boarding the train at the same time, he simply ignored me and take the only empty seat. Then went on to take out his documents and studied it. It’s the girl beside him who let me have her seat. Argh…I’m sorry to say I just couldn’t stand this guy, he was studying his engineering notes printed with lots of complex stuff…who cares if you’re highly educated but have little or no moral etiquette at all!!

So I’m wondering, is it because of ignorance? Or simply being self-centered? For those married men, don’t they have pregnant wife? I know we did have moral classes at school, so do we just study it without practicing it?

Sigh…I can say I’m disappointed in men in this issue. I’m sure I’ll be educating my boy to be considerate and courteous in the future.