Monday, June 25, 2007

Lost in Translation

This is the translated results of "I'm fine":

a) Translator - 我优良是
Direct word by word translation, but wrong order for the sentence.

b) Altavista's BabelFish - 我是优良
Again it's the direct word by word translation, but at least the order is correct.

c) Google Translate - 我被罚款
This one is funny, the order is correct but the meaning is totally out.
罚款 is "fined" not "fine".
"Fine" should be 好 or
优良. And the present tense has become past tense.

Anyway, all the results are not the result I'd expected it to be.

When people asks "How are you?", the answer of "I'm fine" would be "

But then Google Translate can argue that it's in "Beta" ;-)

~ Bee is learning stuff everyday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hair 2.0

After much consideration for a makeover, here's what I've done.

I was kinda worried that I might look like a school girl sporting the short hairstyle, but spending the $70 for a “Art Director” hairstylist’s cut was worth it. Thanks to spammie for recommending him.

The next morning, I’ve got some Ooh, Aah & Whoa from colleagues, but was glad most were good comments. A friend introduced himself to me again, as if we’re meeting for the first time. Heh!

No regrets! My head’s so much lighter now and hair wash is a breeze! And saving shampoo, water and electricity, it’s for a greener earth eh?! :D

And I’m sure the leads would be happy, no more hair-whipping dances!

Oooh, Bee is refreshed!

Monday, June 04, 2007


25 May 2007:
I was struggling to stay awake at work, kept nodding off in front of my notebook. This is caused by the lack of sleep these couple of nights, baby’s more cranky as he’s got stomach pain due to diarrhea… been almost 2 weeks… poor boy. Plus I was on drugs for sore-throat & runny nose. The tea in the morning didn’t quite work, the 50% power only came at almost lunch time. And after lunch, episode 2 of sleepy town was aired! May be I should draw eyes on my eyelids such that I can sleep wide-eyed. Minus the snores. Heh :P


It’s been a month since I moved to this new home, and for the record, I’m still in the midst of unpacking, organizing and cleaning. Not an easy task while we’ve to take care of baby at the same time! Plus H’s on business trip for 10 days just after we’ve moved in.

Anyway, it’s kinda exciting to have a place of our own to decorate, even though the kind seller actually left us most of his still-usable furniture which saves us a lot of $. But I’m still waiting for my bonus to get a new mattress, coffee table, a cabinet for the storeroom, shoe rack & a table for the kitchen. Whee! Shopping! (must get all before the GST hike in July, additional 2% will add up to a big chuck for these purchases :P)

This new area is not as convenient as the old one. It’s further away from the city, I need to travel about 50 minutes to work which is about 20 minutes more. And changing trains 3 times in total to get to office! Food-wise, it's further away & they’re not as tasty, plus not many choices either. AND I missed the stray cats back there… Got to know that another favorite cat of mine went missing... sigh :(

But I should say we’re lucky to have nice friendly neighbors still. My babysitter who happens to stay at the same block as me offered to help “ta-pao” (i.e. packed) lunch for me when H’s on that 10-days business trip (just like my old neighbor), and she even asked me to have dinner at her place when she’s cooking… I can say she’s a pretty good cook. :)


More photos of my 'lil boy have been uploaded!

Bee needs home decor inspirations...