Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Ahead

Happy today!! And I'm going on a much needed date with hubby this afternoon without the kiddo.

May all of you be happy and all the best for 2009.
Happy New Year!
Dance Away!

~ Bee will have a quiet night at home with family.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Every December, it always dawn on me that time waits for no one. It felt just like yesterday when there're Christmas decorations everywhere.

This makes me think about what I've done this year. Let's see...
~ I'm glad we took a family holiday with my parents and sisters to UK. It's my first ever long-distance travel with them in my adult life. It's been great for the bonding and we had good fun. Oh, and not forgetting my first experience with snow.

~ Raising the kid is bumpy & emotional but rewarding. He's teaching us all about life and parenting. I love him lots.

~ As for personal growth, teaching (lindy hop) has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Really, teaching dance is totally a different ball game from dancing itself. I am proud of my accomplishment. Anyway, I'm still learning to better myself as a teacher. All I need is love for the dance, time, experience and perseverance.

~ Work wise, it's been a mediocre year with a little pay raise, still better than none though.

At a social gathering last weekend, there's been a discussion on the NEW things we're going to do in 2009. Here goes mine:
1. Learn Japanese & Photography
2. Be healthy: Eat healthily and exercise!
3. Cook more, especially for ZX
4. Study and practice Buddhism
5. Be humble and patient

There, you have the "resolutions" list. And I hereby giving you (the readers) permission to knock my head/kick my a** if I procrastinate or not following. Heh!

~ Bee will start NOW