Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Encounter at the Lift

Met a guy on my way up to the office this morning, he courteously let the other guy and me into the lift first, then greeted us to have a nice day when he got out. Not sure if he heard my “have a nice day too” but I sure did have a bright smile. He made my day with a cheery start. :)

I wonder if he’s always been like this or something really nice has occurred to him this morning. But I guess sometimes when we’re just being happy and cheerful, it just shows. :D

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Great Singapore Sale

The annual event has started 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t been shopping yet!
You can’t believe it? *sheepish smile* Yes I’ve been window shopping for a bit when I have some time to spare between rushing from 1 place to another… But what I want is to REALLY shop, have at least an afternoon … just shopping. :D

I’ve been thinking about adding some decent working clothes and a nice bag to my almost bursting wardrobe. Oh… and not forgetting to find a pair of comfy shoes that I’ve mentioned about in this entry.

With inventory in mind, I just made my list of bags. To my surprise, I have a total of 25 bags (if I haven’t forgotten any, that is :P) for all occasions, e.g. casual, work, dinner, sporty, shoes, travel and also 1 for notebook.

Caught my lil’ voice talking:
Voice: So why do you need more?
Me: Well, I need a new one for work, I’m a little tired with the only one I have since forever…
Voice: What?! With that many, how come you don’t own more stuff suitable for work, bags and shoes likewise? Me: Errr… I guess my taste goes for more casual stuff. :P So I really need a new bag.
Voice: …

I AM going shopping tomorrow.

P/S: Saw a guy carrying a Caribee bag. Tha name's cute as it sounds like CarryBee and cari in the Malay language means find. ;-)

The Great Singapore Jam

Written by Mr. Brown

Found his blog accidentally while googling and have been reading his blog regularly since May. I enjoyed reading his writings, it's very entertaining and funny.

Was deeply touched by his mother's day entry too.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Answers to A Friend

A friend posted this question:
[If you could put down whatever you're doing right now and be in another place, where would you be and what would you be doing there, what would you be eating, where would you be living, and where would you go if you wanted to write?

Write all this down, and ask yourself if it could be possible.]

My take:
I wish Teleport is for real! Such that I can go anywhere and visit friends. Wouldn't it be good? ;-)
I bet all the airlines will go out of business unless they own the teleport business. Ack, no! I want it to be free if there's one! (Here goes my imaginations…)

Where: Europe/US/Canada so long as the place has a good swing scene. Probably gonna stay there for good. :P
Do: Dance! (Lindy, blues, may be salsa…)
Eat: what I'm craving right now is fresh seafood & chilli crab!

Where would I go if I wanted to write: Someplace with water…
a) The beach – reminded me of Nice
b) Lakeside – Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
c) Streamside – in the highlands in Scotland
d) Riverside – errr...most of the cities in Europe, they have the old town at 1 side of the river, and the new town at the other. Prague is the most romantic city so far. The lovely view of Charles Bridge & Prague Castle across Vltava River at night…ahhhhhhhhh… teleport please!

If all of these could be possible?
When there's a will, there's a way. With or without the teleport. :-)