Sunday, April 16, 2006

Article on Asia's most overworked people

Read this news article yesterday, it said 72% of employees in Singapore work 50 hours a week...

Sounded tame to me, I've slaved 20 hours more than those peeps this week.
My neck has grown long waiting for the official salary review that my manager has told me about 1 month ago.

There are not many strands left in my hand.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What "Slavery" has maketh of Bee...

A little schizophrenic she has become.
There are evilbee, nicebee, crazybee, seriousbee, sillybee, scarybee, sickbee, angrybee, sadbee...
The one who's lost in space is the happybee.

Schizobee would like to thank C who's given her a listening ear to her nonsense online.
She also appreciate A's virtual hugs all the way from Michigan.
And her lovely H for being there for her.

Those are the things that kept her going.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Yay! Was free from work & performance practice this weekend :)

Things I do to avoid thinking about work and the coming monday:

Watched 2 movies on Fri & Sat:
- Les Poupées russes (Russian Dolls) is pretty entertaining. I think Cécile De France is darn hot & sexy in the movie.
- Eight Below is heartwarming, love the huskies and well...the main character Jerry is cute :P

Bad experiences while watching the 2nd movie at a cinema in JB, was greeted by a stench just after stepping into the cinema. Was wondering what the smell was but I couldn't believe I was that lucky to sit beside that stinking guy with unbearable body odour!! So I leaned away from him to the left throughout the whole 2 hours.

And guess what?! I found my left upper arm filled with bug bites after the show! Now it's all red and swollen. Have taken some photos of it but I don't think I wanna gross you guys out. Heh.
Blech! I wonder if I'll go back to that cinema ever again. :

Sunday was relaxing. All I did in the afternoon was surf, surf and more surfing.
Oh, people please try the new Google service: Google Romance . You'll find your souldmate there ;)
Read the press release.

Had some fun cooking dinner (err... it's been 1.5 years since I last cook, been too busy :P), cooked Cincaluk chicken again, H & I both thought the first time was tastier. Hmmm... I guess I didn't put enough chilli this time.

Okay, bedtime for Bee. She wishes the week to come will be a breeze.