Thursday, April 05, 2007

Strange Things

Episode 1:
Sniff... urine stench! "Hmm... must be the cat" I thought.
But what greeted me halfway on the stairs of my flat is... the unsightly mess of human waste!
OMG, who on earth would do their "business" on the stairs?! Shit!
I bet the cleaners will be mad the next morning!

Episode 2:
H to me:"Hey look, mom bought new slippers"
Mom came to lock the door, then she asked H:"Is this your new slippers?"
H: "No, I thought you bought it.... Weird, where's my other old blue slippers?"
Me: "Don't know...hmmm where has it gone?"

Who would swapped the not-so-new slippers with an old one? I wonder...
It's pretty sentimental to me (eventhough it's not mine) because my fave stray cat scratched on them when she visited our house when she's still alive.

And speaking of slippers, I remembered someone stole my slippers once (also at this TP home). I was swearing when I couldn't find it. Gone without a trace. Blech.

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