Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 is coming to an end… and this is only the second post in the year. I’ve been busy and lazy to write, that’s the excuse. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this has not been an easy year. The emotional roller coaster is always running, still not willing to stop but I guess it’ll never stop unless… erm let’s just not go there.

Anyway it’s time for resolutions again. First of all, a big change! I’ll be freelancing for my current employer next year. With that comes some free time and flexibility to pursue my interests, have more time for the family and by the end of the year, I hope I’m able to figure out what I want to do in 2012.

Here goes the list:

To serve and give instead of complaining and expecting to receive:

  • Spend more time with my two lovely kids! To spend at least some time with each child everyday. Also have a quarterly 1-1 outing with each child.
  • Date my husband more! Every night, to snuggle up and talk about our day (if we’re not too pooped by then). A necessary date every month to just have time for each other without the kids.
  • Cook for family and friends! I’ll try learning new dishes not limiting to just Chinese cooking. Oh and also bake! I think I haven’t baked since secondary school’s home science classes.
  • Volunteer! Helping the less fortunate.

Improvements in life and taking care of my well-being:

  • Exercise! And more dancing!
  • Attend, listen to Dhamma talks. Of course practicing the Buddha’s teachings in everyday life too.
  • Learn meditation
  • Continue learning Japanese.

On a different note, this is my favorite photo taken in 2010 with my mobile phone. I think this is also the first time ER appeared on my blog since the girl arrived 15 months ago.

~ Bee is looking forward to 2011