Friday, December 09, 2005

Random Notes

- I'm bitten by the pre-wedding shopping bug, ok ok...I admit that's an excuse for me to go window-shopping a lot these past few weeks. Shoes, bags, jewellery, hair accessories, and all those little little things needed for the wedding... :P

- Surprised myself that I can actually balance and walk in those 3 inches heels... albeit the slower pace and tired feet after. It's funny that a colleague of mine said that her calf will be painful if she wears flats. Hmmm...

- Well, brides-to-be normally tend to lose weight for their wedding but I am getting more fleshy. And yes... I'm still thinking about what to have for dinner.

- If your office is at the 28th floor with magnificent view, you'd wish it's on the 1st when there's a fire drill. Your legs will appreciate it. Lucky ours is on the sixth. :)

- Squeezing my head for some creative juice on how to make my hen night enjoyable & memorable... Feel free to spill your ideas here, guys!

- Oh, lastly... Bee is no longer a christmas tree virgin!