Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Working Day

Beesy Bee will get her butt virtually kicked if she doesn’t write an entry tonight.

At the train:-
- Bee sometimes gets annoyed with the ignorance of those people who didn’t budge but stood rooted swarming near the entrances when obviously there are spaces in the center. And even when the voice from the broadcasting system sweetly announced “Please move towards the center of the car for the convenience of other passengers. Thank you!”.
Bee would unapologetically excused herself and squeezed through the crowd. :P

- Bee noticed she takes the same route everyday, goes to the same few sections of the train cars and seen a few familiar faces sometimes. She remembered the father with his two playful cheeky kids. The caucasian lady who looks sulky most of the times. And the cool, smart and bald (ok he might be one of those guys looking good being bald… heh:) Indian guy, always dressed in black and has a LV watch. Have you ever noticed the routines in your life?

At work:
Bee was sick of the political bitching conversations of her two colleagues about their manager during lunch hours. Bee ate her lunch and let those words went in one ear and out the other.

At client's:
Bee was mad with the pain-in-the-ass client who didn’t know what he wanted and wasted her precious time. She dislikes the anger of hers, it’s not a good feeling.

After work:
Bee cooled down after browsing at a bookstore and had yummy sushi dinner. She walked home smiling in the breezy evening with Ella’s Embraceable You...

Bee wishes her mom Happy Birthday!