Monday, March 07, 2005

News from Feb

ok... here goes a quick blog on what's going on this past month ... and sorry it has to be in point form :P

- Went back to 9am to 530pm cubicle on Valentine's Day after 7 months hiatus.

- Attended the ever so fabulous SeaJam swing camp at Sentosa last weekend, and won the lindy competition and the Battle of the DJ. It's worth all the time and effort I've put in preparing for those 2 competitions. Also learnt lots from the awesome teachers and had tons of fun social dancing. :-)

- The dance documentary "Destination Dance" which we took in a crowded Mustafa in Dec last year was aired tonight over Arts Central...It's a funny music video and it's a weird feeling watching yourself on T.V... But the t.v. shoot experience was another first.

- Tap, tap, tappity tap... it's fun! Took the taster class today, think I'll take it up soon.

Tapping off to slumberland now...